Cynthia Estremera

Cynthia Estremera is currently pursuing a PhD in English at Lehigh University and is a teaching fellow in the first year English writing program. She taught in the Lehigh University Summer Scholars Institute (LUSSI) this past summer and as an adjunct teaching on “Black (Hip)Story and the Power of Rap Lyrics.” She is in her third year and is focusing her rationale on the politicization of Black and Afro-Latinas. Cynthia also focuses on Hip Hop studies and the intersectionality of identities through race, gender, and feminism. Her degrees completed include an M.A. at Villanova University and a B.A. at The Pennsylvania State University, both in English. Cynthia is awaiting the publication of a co-authored chapter (“My President is Black: Speech Act Theory and Presidential Allusions in the Lyrics of Rap Music”) in an anthology reader about President Obama entitled Remixing Change, by Oxford University Press and Cornell University.

Cynthia is an advocate for inner city youth, after being a Teen Program manager at The Boys and Girls Club in Philadelphia, and remains connected to the youth as a mentor. She is also active in local Philadelphia politics, advancing her political interests in her research after working on several campaigns in many respects.

In her personal life, Cynthia is a mother, Latina, feminist, poet, activist, and dog lover. Her goals have remained steadfast about creating a systerhood for women of difference who wish to obtain graduate degrees. Cynthia engages in the pursuit for social justice for all and hopes to create discourses of difference that embrace otherness. She is an advocate for the LGBTQ community, for breastfeeding and birthing, for health and fitness for communities of color, and an animal activist for homeless pets in Philadelphia.


Twitter: futuredrcin

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