Minh Hanh Trinh

Visiting Assistant Professor
306 Drown Hall
Ph.D. English at Lehigh University, 2016

Minh received her doctorate in English at Lehigh University in September 2016 and her Master's in English in 2007.  Her dissertation, “ ‘My Mother is Calling Me’: Legacies of Sexual Violence in 20th-Century American Fiction by Women of Color,” examines descendant responses in fiction to systemic violence against women of color and how the creative process enables women writers of an ethnic minority to express their anger as well as to envision forms of retribution and recognition.  Her areas of specialization are African American and Asian American literature.  She has taught English Literature & Composition I and II at Lehigh since 2007, has served as an instructor in the Global Citizenship program at Lehigh including leading a cohort of Lehigh students to Malaysia in 2013, and she is currently the Visiting Assistant Professor in the English department for 2017-2018.   Minh and her parents are refugees from the Vietnam War.  She came to America as an infant when her parents fled Saigon in 1975 and was later naturalized an American citizen.  She lives in Willow Grove, PA, where she was raised.  Minh has two brothers, one who lives in Hawaii, and another who currently lives in Japan.  She values exercise and often runs outside, but, in particular, she loves to hike woods and mountains.  She recently climbed Mt. Fuji, Japan in August 2017 and is planning next to hike the tallest peak in Hawaii, Mauna Kea.