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Requirements for Lehigh University's English Major

An English major at Lehigh consists of nine 4-credit courses (total of 36 credit hours). Those nine courses must include the following:

  1. English 100: Working with Texts
  2. One course in British Literature to 1660
  3. One course in British Literature 1660-1900
  4. One course in American Literature to 1900
  5. One course in 20th/21st Century literature, film, or popular culture
  6. One 300-level writing-intensive course (which can be taken either as an elective or to fulfill one of requirements 2-5; students may also fulfill the writing-intensive requirement in a second major)
  7. Three or four electives (students who use a writing-intensive course to fulfill one of requirements 2-5 must take four electives; students who do not use a writing-intensive course for one of requirements 2-5 must complete four electives, one of which must be a 300-level writing-intensive course). At least five of these courses must be at the 300-level, with at least three of those five being used to fulfill requirements 2-5.

At 36 credit hours, the English major is designed to work well as both a standalone major and a double major. In addition, students can enroll in a five-year combined bachelor’s plus master’s degree program in English Education through Lehigh’s College of Education.

Requirements for the English Minor

To minor in English students take 4 courses in literature or film, one at the 300 level. Students may also minor in creative writing.

Honors in English

To receive departmental honors, an English major must attain a 3.5 GPA in courses for the major, take a course in Critical Theory (either ENGL 309 or 312) in addition to the 36-hours of course credit listed above, and write a senior thesis under the direction of a faculty advisor.  To complete an honors senior thesis, students enroll in ENGL 307: Thesis Proposal (1 credit) the semester before writing the thesis, and under the guidance of a faculty advisor produce a formal proposal and bibliography. During the following semester, students enroll in ENGL 308: Thesis (3 credits), during which time they complete a long writing project directed by a faculty advisor.

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