Sarita Mizin

Sarita grew up on a farm in Northeast Pennsylvania. After attending the ArtsOne program at the University of British Columbia, she received her B.A. and M.A. from The Pennsylvania State University in Comparative Literature with studies in English, German, and Ancient Greek. She is interested in the cultural production of foundational narratives and national identities, and examining the potential of literature to both create and/or transcend the boundaries of communities imagined and real.
When she is not reading, she stays busy playing violin/viola in various ensembles and competing as a foilist on the U.S. fencing circuit.
You may read her blog at and find her in the twitterverse @postthecolony.
If you have trouble finding her in the real world, she is most likely eating, or at the gym.

Lehigh University English - Sarita Mizin
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