Speaker Series (Archive)


Academic Year 2017-18

  • Jane Hwang Degenhardt (University of Massachusetts, Armherst), "The 'Kindness' of Humans:  Empathy, Race, and Kind in the The Tempest and The Shape of Water"
  • Chris RobĂ© (Florida Atlantic University), "Video Activism in the Neoliberal Age"

Academic Year 2016-17

  • Laura Murphy (Loyola University New Orleans), "Modern Slavery, The New Slave Narrative, and Human Rights Discourse"

Public Humanities
Academic Year 2015-16

  • Amardeep Singh (Lehigh University), "The Classroom is a Public"
  • Debbie Lee (Washington State University), "Ear to the Ground: From Wordsworth to the American Wilderness"
Sexual Violence  Academic Year 2014-15
  • Suzanne Edwards (Lehigh University), "Lucretia's Surviving Sisters: Rape, Politics, and Justice from Augustine to Sir Orfeo"
  • Carine M. Mardorossian (University of Buffalo), "Rape and the Valuing of Agency: A Literary Rebuttal" 

Drama and Social Justice
Academic year 2013-14

  • Sarah Beckwith (Duke University), "'The body is the best picture of the human soul': Shakespearean Tragedy, Pain, Pity"
  • Erik Ehn (Brown University), "difficult, repeatable and fine: a methodology for creative work in community settings" 

Varied Topics: Criticism, Environmental Justice, Utopia
Academic Year 2012-13

  • Roland Greene (Stanford University), "Early Modern Networks and the Imperative of Criticism"
  • Ursula K. Heise (UCLA), "Environmental Justice and the Question of the Animal"
  • Mark Bracher (Kent State University), "Radical Cognitive Politics: Schema Criticism and the Pursuit of Social Justice"
  • Greg Forter (University of South Carolina), "Social Justice and Utopian Form in Postcolonial Historical Fiction: Barry Unsworth's Sacred Hunger and Amitav Ghosh's Sea of Poppies" 

Varied Topics: Affect, Sustainability, Torture, War
Academic Year 2011-12

  • James Simpson (Harvard University), "No Brainer: The Early Modern Tragedy of Torture"
  • Susan Stanford Friedman (University of Wisconsin), "Cosmopolitanism, Women, and War: From Virginia Woolf's Three Guineas to Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis"
  • Florence Boos (University of Iowa), "William Morris and the Ideal of 'Sustainability'"
  • Suzanne Keen (Washington and Lee University), "The Affective (Re)turn: What Can Psychology and Literary Study Say to One Another about Narrative, the Emotions, and Impact"