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Williams Prize

Kachel Prize

2019 Williams Prize

Established in 1908 by Edward H. Williams, professor of geology and mechanical engineering, the Williams Prizes, which range from $200 to $1000, recognize outstanding work in writing and performance. To be eligible for the prizes, all work submitted must have been completed in a Lehigh course or internship during the 2018-19 academic year with direct or indirect supervision by Lehigh instructors.

To enter the competition, or for more information, download the pdfs by clicking on the following two links:

Entry Form - due date 3/25/19

Prize Ceremony -- Flier


Archive of past years' programs (downloadable pdfs), including lists of winners:

Winners for 2018 Contest
Winners for 2017 Contest
Winners for 2016 Contest
Winners for 2015 Contest


Kachel Prize

The Kachel Prize was established by Robin and Allan B. Kachel '71 to celebrate student writing. Six awards are given each year, four by the Department of Journalism and two (those here) by the Department of English.

2017 creative writing prize:  Thomas Verdi, "Excerpt from White" 2017 creative writing prize:  Phoebe de Guzman, "The Yeti" 2017 non-fiction writing prize:  Katerina Traut, "Giving 'Substance to Freedom and Democracy':  Black woman Intellectual Vicki Garvin" 2016 creative writing prize:  Bridget Brown, "A Condensed, Comprehensive Look at My Life with Jason" 2016 non-fiction writing prize: Lailei Forouraghi, "John Covel: Descartes in the High Church?" 2015 creative writing prize: Trey Davis, "Chimney Swift" 2015 non-fiction writing prize: Evan Orf, "Sentimental Associations of a Sunroom" 2014 creative writing prize: Kylie Gray, "Old Friends" 2014 non-fiction writing prize: Kylie Gray, "The Anticolonial Fantasy in The Pioneers" 2013 creative writing prize: Kevin Wenger, "Cool Factor" 2013 non-fiction writing prize: Jeff Gilbert, "Smiley's A Thousand Acres and the Problem of Fear-Based Environmentalism" 2012 creative writing prize: Carly Potock, "Umoja? Or Our First College Party" 2012 non-fiction writing prize: Jacob Kennan, "Democracy in Japan: From Meiji to MacArthur"