Ph.D. English

Sarah Goletz

If Sarah Wagenseller Goletz has learned anything from fairy tales, it's that the survivors are the people who resist the limits of definition by existing in the interstitial spaces between many names--but you can call her Wag. She emerged fully grown, wielding a tureen of coffee and a sassy expression, from the head of a bearded northern god many decades ago.

Jimmy Hamill

Jimmy received his B.A. in Writing from Saint Joseph's University in 2012 and his M.A. in English Literature from Lehigh University in 2015. He is thrilled to return to Lehigh to pursue his scholarly interests in post-45 American literature, queer theory, and religious studies. When Jimmy isn't busy being a gentleman and a scholar, he's usually caught in a neverending marathon of RuPaul's Drag Race, sipping mocha frappucinos, or taking an excessive amount of Buzzfeed quizzes.

Samantha Sorensen

Sam holds a BA in English from Immaculata University and an MA in English from Villanova University, where she wrote her thesis on slam poetry and political solidarity. Her academic interests largely include post-WWII and contemporary American fiction and the ways in which it combats the hegemonic American narrative. Additionally, she is interested in the intersection of literature and philosophy (specifically, intersectional feminist theory, eastern philosophy, and philosophy of mind).

Megan Bruening

Megan received her B.A. in English from Roanoke College and her M.A. in English from Wake Forest University. Her master's thesis, "Cunning Authors and Bad Readers: Gendered Authorship in 'Love in Excess," explored the correlation between gender and novelistic production. Her interests include 18th-century British literature, the development of the novel, and gender and sexuality studies. She is also interested in the Gothic novel, and when not reading books from any of these categories enjoys fantasy and historical fiction.

Joanna Grim

Joanna Grim is a PhD student in the English department. She studies the relationship between women's literature, social movements, and political organizing. She is also interested in creative writing, in particular short fiction. She earned an MFA in creative writing from the New School in 2012 and a BA in art history from Temple University in 2008. She divides her time between West Philadelphia and Bethlehem, PA.  

Heather Simoneau

Heather received a bachelor's degree in business and economics with a major in accounting from Lehigh University in 1990. She earned a master's degree in library and information science from the University of Pittsburgh in 2006. Heather's research interests include representations of class and gender in Victorian literature, reader-reception theory, book culture, and digital humanities.

Sarita Mizin

Sarita Olga Mizin attended the ArtsOne program at the University of British Columbia before receiving her B.A. and M.A. from The Pennsylvania State University in Comparative Literature with studies in English, German, and Ancient Greek.


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