“I loved completing my honors thesis.  It enabled me to develop my own unique project, and it showed me that I have what it takes to pursue a Ph.D. in English in the future.”

                                    - Kristin Sargent ‘02

English majors who wish to explore a topic in depth or produce a body of creative work are encouraged to strive for a degree with honors.  In order to qualify, a student must attain a 3.5 grade point average in courses presented for the major and complete at least 44 credit hours of course work in English (beyond English 1 and 2).  In addition to other requirements for the major, a student who graduates with honors must complete:

One course in critical theory, chosen from the following:

  • English 309 (4 credits) Introduction to Recent Literary and Cultural Theory.


  • English 312 (4 credits) Studies in Literary and Cultural Theory.

A thesis, including both of the following:

  • English 307 Thesis Proposal (1 credit): Taken the semester before the thesis.  Under the guidance of a faculty advisor, the student writes a formal proposal and complies a bibliography.


  • English 308 Thesis (3 credits): A semester-long writing project directed by a faculty advisor.

To see examples of recent thesis projects, both critical and creative, follow the link to abstracts and excerpts.

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