English at Lehigh

Welcome to the English Department! You can explore the department's offerings and get a sense of what we're about by navigating the menus above. Below is a departmental "mission statement" of sorts that describes our focus on Literature and Social Justice and suggests some of the ways in which we are experimenting with new approaches to teaching and research. You'll also find an events calendar; please check back regularly for updates.

The Department of English has a focus on Literature and Social Justice, the outcome of a multi-year effort to revitalize the traditional period-based approach to literary studies and to develop an organic interest among many of our faculty members.  Like the university as a whole, the department is committed to cultivating graduates who will be engaged citizens and community members, in addition to successful professionals and life-long learners.  We also hope that our students in particular will learn to recognize how literature and other forms of cultural production uniquely intervene in questions of justice and shape our ways of being in the world.

Core Activities

  • An exploration of how studying literature contributes to questions of social justice.
  • An immersion in historical periods informed by strong theoretical commitments.
  • An engagement with contemporary literature and culture.
  • An emphasis on theorized pedagogy, reflective practice, and the scholar-teacher model.
  • An interaction with Lehigh's varied interdisciplinary programs, including Africana Studies; Classics; Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Jewish Studies; and American Studies.

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